The pain au levain is a 100% sourdough bread. This means that it contains no added yeast but is leavened by the addition of a 'starter' or 'leaven'- a mixture of bread flour & water which attracts natural yeasts from the environment & creates a gentle fermentation culture.

Made slowly according to a traditional French recipe, it contains a small quantity of rye flour, along with good quality strong English wheat flours, both white & wholemeal. It has a strong, chewy crust & an open crumb. Sourdough breadmaking is an ancient practice which produces delicious bread with a distinctive depth of taste.

Ingredients: white wheat flour, wholemeal wheat flour, rye flour, water, leaven (white & wholemeal wheat flours, water), salt. Allergens in bold.

This bread is available in small (400g) or large (800g) sized loaves.

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Pain au Levain with Wholewheat - Small

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  • Product: Pain au Levain Wholewheat 400g
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